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See the Help article PowerPoint and Skype for Business appear the wrong size on external monitors for information about those fixes. However, you may still experience blurry text in Office applications when you have more than one monitor and the external monitor has a different screen resolution than the primary monitor.

Microsoft is aware of the problem and is actively working on improving multi-monitor support in Microsoft for Microsoft subscribers, and Office Click-to-Run installations. These improvements require Windows 10 Anniversary Update version or higher. To see these improvements as soon as they are available, become an Office Insider.

Insiders are Microsoft subscribers who get an early look at the new features each month and help the Office team evaluate them. If you are using an Office application where the improvements are not yet available, these workarounds may help you:. Upgrade to the latest Windows version : Windows version introduced a new feature that can fix blurry apps on your primary monitor you will need to restart the app after connecting or disconnecting a monitor.

Otherwise, skip to the next section titled All Other Symptoms. Windows 10, Windows 8. Word and Word use subpixel text rendering by default.

While this provides optimal spacing, you may prefer the appearance of pixel-snapped text for a minor improvement in contrast. To disable the subpixel positioning feature in Word or Word , follow these steps.

If you are still experiencing a problem after you turn off the subpixel text rendering setting, re-enable the Use the subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on-screen setting, and then go to Step 3.

Thanks for your feedback. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Can anyone help me out? This thread is locked. See Fix apps that appear blurry in Windows 10 for more details on how to enable this feature. For information about updating Windows 10, see Update Windows Sign out of Windows: If applications look blurry after connecting or disconnecting a monitor, docking or undocking your laptop, or changing your display scaling settings, signing out of Windows can fix this.

Applications on your primary monitor should look crisp after logging back in. Then look for \” Change the size of text, apps, and other items \” and adjust it for each monitor so that all monitors use the same setting. You may want to try a few settings to see what looks best to you. You will need to sign out then sign back in to get best results. Switch Office into Optimize for compatibility mode.

Office apps appear the wrong size or blurry on external monitors Note Office applications started being released starting in September Additional updates are scheduled to follow. Internet Explorer. Log out and in Log out and log back in to the system. This improves how applications and elements are displayed when the monitor configuration changes. Earlier Windows systems Right-click the application, select Properties , select the Compatibility tab, and then select the Disable display scaling on high DPI settings check box.

Change application properties In Explorer or on the Start menu, right-click the application name, select Properties , select the Compatibility tab, and then select the Disable display scaling on high DPI settings check box. Download and run Sysinternals Process Explorer. These applications check for the DPI when they are started, and adjusts the scale factor whenever the DPI value changes.

These applications are not automatically scaled by the system. These applications do not scale for DPI changes. They query for the DPI one time, and then use that value for the lifetime of the application.

It will be automatically scaled up or down by the system when the DPI changes from the system value. Unaware: DPI-unaware. They are always assumed to have a scale factor of percent 96 DPI. Windows should be able to detect this on its own, without me telling windows \”hey the two monitors are not connected\”, please use a scaling adpated for the laptop screen.

If the Compatibility tab is not present on Outlook shortcut properties, try to locate the actual program on the installation folder. To do so,. As for changing the main display. Note: Windows will remember this setting so that every time you connect your external monitors, it will automatically switch the displays. Please read again the thread I referred to. Another user facing the same problem mentions also there is no compatibility tab.

I have to set a custom scalling when using the external monitor. And when I am not using the two external monitors, I have to tell it to windows 10, because it does not notice it by itself! Were there any changes made to your PC prior to this issue?

You can also try opening Outlook in safe mode by following the steps on this article , this will launch Outlook on a basic state, disabling add-ins. Otherwise, repairing Outlook might help, here are the steps. Word was also affected when I did not set the scaling factor to when using the two monitors: see the following thread:.

So to summarize: you might want also to look for solutions in windows why does windows 10 keep a scaling factor of when the two monitors are not connected? This issue is more common to computers that has incompatible video configuration with Office feature set that is responsible for displaying the application and for animations in the application.

Office and later versions use a more efficient and accelerated method to draw the Office UI and the content. This includes relying on hardware acceleration, which is managed through the operating system. The hardware acceleration function of the operating system relies on up-to-date and compatible display drivers.



Microsoft outlook 2016 blurry free download – Workarounds

Start the registry editor.❿

Microsoft outlook 2016 blurry free download.

I have this same issue with text looking blurry in Outlook and other Ofiice programs. Thoroughly research products advertised on the sites before you decide to download and install it. To provide such feedback, follow these steps:. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 9 people found this reply helpful. Cancel Submit. Just implemented a new machine on site and on the external monitor Office seems really blurry? Yes No. I will keep working with you until it\’s resolved. I already tried all the solutions without any luck : Best regards JK.

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